1685 Argyle Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia


What We're All About

Our cocktails, food, wine and beer will leave a lasting impression, because we’re sourcing the best ingredients, searching for the most quality products and keeping up with techniques behind the bar, and in the kitchen. The ingredients we use, whether home staples or exotic imports, are showcased in a new light, made to satisfy and surprise. Having tasted the world we’re inspired by those flavours, yet even prouder of our own backyard and terroir. Our abundant local pantry, along with the influence of foreign cultures, are the backbone of what we offer our friends and guests.


Life of Entertainment

We know where we’re going, because we know where we’ve been. Our bar is steeped in good times, finding itself within the historic Carleton Hotel building, on the sixth lot on the block, which has been a cornerstone of Halifax hospitality for decades. We look to continue the celebratory tradition that the old Carleton Hotel began, and made the standard of cheer in Halifax, by bringing a new experience and outstanding service to Argyle Street.